Farm Sanctuary

America’s leading farm animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary recently partnered with former Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife, author Tracey Stewart, to open a brand new sanctuary location in New Jersey, the organization’s fourth shelter of refuge and peace for rescued farm animals.

Tracey recently published her new book, “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live and How We Can Make Their Lives Better”.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, their wonderful mission is clear:

“Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is driven by the simple philosophy that kindness and respect to animals is our duty and that all the creatures that share this earth are here with us and not for us. Farm animals are feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion.We are a place where visitors can come face to face with the animals they may only know as dinner and learn about the devastating effects of modern-day agribusiness on the animals, the environment and human health.”

Black Beauty Ranch

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch—operated by The Fund for Animals in affiliation with The Humane Society of the United States—is America’s largest and most diverse animal sanctuary. It’s a permanent haven to more than 1,200 domestic and exotic animals rescued from research laboratories, roadside zoos, captive hunting operations, factory farms, the exotic pet trade, and other forms of abuse and neglect. It is also home to the innovative Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center.

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