They Aren’t There Yet

“They aren’t there yet”: this is how I think of those who haven’t yet made the connection between animal cruelty and death and the choices they make every day, and I don’t mean it to sound in any way condescending or “holier than thou” for everyone in this troubled world has been raised with the (largely) invisible conditioning of animal exploitation, and as I’ve said many times before, I’m no exception.

I watch as innocent and sweet children are fed the remains of animals (as I was) and I know that most of them would recoil in horror if they made the connection between animal severed part or shredded flesh and the actual conscious, living, breathing being they would likely simply want to love.

All of us were numbed to the idea that animal use goes on in our name and results in unthinkable cruelty (chicks being ground alive comes to mind) and the slaughter of animals who desperately wanted to live.

But I have hope.

Changes are happening and the children we were are the adults we’ve become, able to make connections, face hard truths and embrace positive change.

They (the vast majority) aren’t there yet, but I have hope they will be.




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