And We Like to Think Something Humane Happens

pig in slaughterhouse

From live, frightened and sensitive animal, a living breathing creature with feelings and desires and the strong will to live, to chopped up pieces of bloody flesh…and still humans often cling to the idea that “it’s quick and painless”, or it’s “humane”.

Humane slaughter is an oxymoron. There is less humane (chickens and pigs are often boiled alive) but when we’re talking about living, breathing creatures let’s please get real here.

They don’t want to die anymore than your beloved cat or dog does!

They know death is coming– they smell blood, they hear the cries of the others who have gone into the house of death before them and they are helpless to escape.

I will never grasp why people keep paying for the terror and cruelty and death we inflict on innocent “food” animals.

But don’t take my word for it, watch an undercover video yourself and see if you continue to want to believe that something humane happens between a living animal entering the slaughterhouse and pieces of flesh exiting.


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