A Strange Sense of Freedom

calf snuggles man

Isn’t it odd how we shower our pets with such unconditional, sweet love and care yet most of us give no thought whatsoever to the pig, the cow, the chicken suffering so horribly on factory farms and in slaughterhouses?

Do most of us know what goes on in these dark places of hellish brutality? Why do we refuse to look?

This is the result of social conditioning. We’re raised to numb ourselves to animal suffering if it’s done in the name of meals or clothing or entertainment.

We close our eyes, our minds and our hearts to block out the knowledge that we don’t want to face.

Once we do face it, it’s worse than we could have imagined, but a strange sense of freedom comes over us.

We are now entirely free to reject the abomination of unthinkable savagery committed against our animal brethren, who are powerless, completely defenseless against it.

Yes, we’ll lose friends and family, and we’ll be hidden in Facebook news feeds, but when that happens, don’t worry, it only means you’re on the right track.

No society wants to have it’s cultural foundation questioned.

No one wants to face that what we do to innocent animals might be so terrible we have to change our ways.

But once we do, we are taking a stand for all creatures, the earth and ourselves.

Once we do we become more of what we want to be–in line with our hearts, minds and souls, expressing compassion and love.


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  1. I am glad to be counter cultural in this regard. I am ashamed of my former part in the violence done routinely to other animals. I am disgusted by the prevailing attitude that keeps on teaching children to be selective with their empathy and which does so much damage to our world. I long for a future that is kinder to the earth and has more respect for other beings. I wish the world’s religions would get their teachings right – you cannot possibly preach compassion and non -violence, love and justice, whilst eating animals – these things cannot go together logically. The hypocrisy of all this alienates me from Christianity. I am disappointed in most people. I know human beings have immense capacity for kindness but everywhere I look people are just letting themselves down – just not living up to their own core values and not even realising they are betraying their own decent hearts. It’s very sad.

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