The Vegan Market is Shaking up the Status Quo

This video gives me great hope because it’s clear that when the powers that be are threatened, change is most definitely happening.


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    News I love to hear.

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  2. Nobody can stop compassion – the genie is out of the bottle. Social media has enabled us to show what goes on behind the scenes. The Save vigils are ordinary people with their phones, filming exactly what they see. Slaughter is ugly, and it’s time to abolish it. Unless we enter a totalitarian regime where all dissenting voices are silenced by severe penalties, veganism cannot be stopped. Most people are simply NOT uncaring, heartless morons, and it’s time these industries stopped assuming that we are and that their lies, to cover up their cruelties and unethical practices, can go on, forever, being blindly and unthinkingly believed by the majority.

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  3. Well said!! I agree completely, Cushpigsmum. ❤


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