Think of Your Pets and You’ll Understand


Like most people, I was raised with pets. They gave me unconditional love and companionship, healed my broken heart, stayed by my side when I was sick, made me laugh and made me cry (when they crossed Rainbow Bridge).

If you want to know why I continually speak up for animals, it’s because I know how beautiful they are and how, when humans fail us (as they will), they are always there by our side, healing the hurt, making us smile, and helping us to expand our hearts and love unconditionally in return..

What does it matter if the animal is a cat or a dog or a cow or a pig? Aren’t each and every one worthy of compassion? Don’t all creatures feel fear, pain, love, joy and the desire to live?

No cow wants her baby stolen, no calf wants his head bashed in, no pig wants to be thrown in a vat of boiling water while still conscious, no animal wants the brutality of the slaughterhouse. All tremble in fear and fight death, just as we would.

No amount of justifications, excuses, or arguments will ever convince me that we need to torment and kill any sentient being for palate pleasure, habit, tradition or convenience.

Think of the pets you’ve loved and been loved by. Then think of the cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs, etc., who are no different yet experience the horror of factory farms and abattoirs.

We can choose to refuse to fund these houses of pain and suffering. Because you and I are their only hope to be free of suffering and death at the hands of man.

Think of your pets and you’ll understand.


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