The Bonds of Love Know No Bounds

Mercy for all Animals

Kevin Richardson the lion whisperer

Most of us wouldn’t necessarily hug a lion like this cool (and ballsy) guy, but nearly all of us can relate to bonding with and loving animals throughout our lives.

I notice with delight that friends and family easily connect with and nurture, love and treat with respect and kindness their pets as well as other animals they may encounter, such as a friendly duck by the lake or a curious squirrel in their yard.

It’s when otherwise kind and compassionate people turn a blind eye to animal suffering, such as factory farming and slaughterhouse abuses, that I feel compelled to speak out on behalf of the abused animals who do not have a voice to speak for themselves.

This is the reason I created this site–to sincerely reach out to people who easily embrace compassion to some animals but who have learned to close their hearts to the suffering…

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