A Simple Question

Mercy for all Animals

It’s the question I asked myself a long time ago and the same one that many people have asked and are currently asking themselves: why and how do we love one animal and completely disregard the other?

Let me borrow from an article written by Matthew Scully, whose words ring true, because they are:

“If you were caught even once inflicting on a dog the punishments that are directed daily at factory-farmed pigs, you would be arrested and answer for that offense in a court of law; in many jurisdictions, the offense would carry a serious possibility of prison time.

Dogs and pigs are entirely similar creatures, equals in every relevant way including their intelligence, emotional capacities, variations in personality, and experience of pain. Yet the one is protected from human wrongdoing and the other you may lawfully and profitably treat like garbage, with no regard whatever for that creature’s…

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