Dear Cow


I saw a photo of you, dear cow.

I saw you lying in a pool of blood on the killing floor of a slaughterhouse as you bellowed in pain and fear.

Workers were shackling your legs to hoist you onto the conveyor belt for the process you are forced to go through so humans can eat their burgers and steaks.

Few thought of you.

They say I’m a fool and an extremist for caring about you.

But most would never want to see a photo like that.

And most wish animal advocates would just shut up about it.

But you see, I can’t, dear cow.

I see your suffering, I feel your pain, I hear your bellows, though I’m far away from your place of slaughter.

My heart breaks into pieces for you because I feel so helpless to protect you. My fellow humans mostly just want to close their eyes and ears and hearts to your suffering, and will continue to do so, it seems.

I saw a photo of you, dear cow. :*-(


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  1. You had me in tears. Bless you and the messages you send.

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  2. Awww…thank you, and bless you for caring. ❤


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