Thoughts to Ponder

Mercy for all Animals

ralph-waldo-emerson-quote“How dare you force your vegan morality on me” said the woman against dog-fighting on moral grounds.

“Live and let live” said the man buying the meat of an animal that wanted to live.

“I’m entitled to my choice to eat animals” said the person against gay marriage.

“I would never hurt an animal” said the woman who hired the slaughterhouse worker.

“God is LOVE. Plus, he said it’s o.k. to butcher innocent animals and not care about them”, said the Bible quoter.

“Don’t judge me”, said the omnivore who judges hunters.

“Blessing of the Animals this Sunday. BBQ afterwards”, said the church sign.

“I hate those people who eat cats and dogs–that’s sick!” said the guy biting into a steak.

“I felt like Jeffrey Dahmer preparing this poor pig, but I’m gonna have the pig roast anyway,” said the person who gets it but then doesn’t.

“See? We have…

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