“Lions, tho”

lion and prey

Common objections to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle:

“Lions, tho.”

Lions only kill by instinct and they must eat meat to survive. They also practice infanticide. Obviously not the best model to pattern our behavior on.

“Plants, tho.”

Plants are not sentient. With no central nervous system, they do not have pain receptors. They react to stimuli only. And most of the time we are eating the fruits/nuts/seeds of a plant or tree that is offering them up freely, without the need to kill the “mother”.

“Cavemen, tho.”

Our ancestors ate what they could to survive, including carrion. It was necessary then but not necessary now. They also didn’t bathe with soap. I think we can do better. 😀

“Tradition, tho.”

Tradition includes some pretty wonderful things and some pretty horrific things. Binding a little girl’s feet in China, slavery, and all manner of horrendous things were once “tradition” (and sadly, in some parts of the world, still are).

“Taste, tho.”

Meat tastes good to most of us as we were raised with it–but we didn’t gorge ourselves on bloody, raw flesh and innards–we cooked it and seasoned it to make it palatable. We can easily enjoy new tastes, textures and even “substitute” animal products if we desire, and the food borne of harm to animals is soon forgotten.

“Convenience, tho”

Animal product substitutes abound as well as wonderful plant-based dishes that are available at pretty much any restaurant or supermarket.

When our love and concern for other beings is embraced, isn’t it nice to know we can easily take steps to reduce and eliminate our reliance on the products of animal suffering? It’s easier now than ever!


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