One Beautiful Day

Mercy for all Animals

pig for blogDear nameless, forgotten creature,

I saw a picture of you on the internet today.

You looked so defeated, so sad, and so afraid.

I didn’t post that particular photo, but I did find one of a creature like you that I put in this blog that I write to you.

You were in the slaughterhouse, and considering how intelligent pigs are, I know you sensed what was coming.

I want to tell you that some of us care.

I know you are gone now, but if we could have saved you, we would have.

I want to apologize on behalf of my fellow humans, most of whom don’t seem to care enough about you to change, and for that I have no explanation, for I don’t understand it myself.

When I tell you that most people are not monsters, most people are good at heart, most people would be upset…

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