The Long & Winding Road of an Animal Advocate


1977: Work a table in Atlantic City for the Fund for Animals helping to educate people on the cruelty of fur. Don’t make the connection between supporting the cause and what I eat.

1979: Go vegetarian. Categorized as “different” and possibly involved in a cult. Know one single person who is also vegetarian and so the two of us obviously make up the cult. Tell family, which results in mother throwing a block of cheese at me. I have officially gone rogue.

1983: Work in Connecticut at a record company on acreage owned by Paul Winter, who is a vegan. The farm has steers on it owned by people renting there. I befriend one, and he is like a dog when he sees me, bounding up to me with joy and licking my coat. He will be killed, unbeknownst to Paul. I am heartbroken for him.

1986: Have a job at an Atlantic City casino as a scheduling supervisor. Suffer the usual remarks about vegetarians every day in the cafeteria. I really wish people were a little more creative. They are convinced they’re hilarious.

1990: Work on-air as a co-host of a morning show on a rock radio station. It’s fun, but there are always ads for the remains of animals that run constantly. It feels like a sell-out, but I love radio and the music. I am still considered “different” and possibly involved in a cult.

1994: Marry a vegan–at last someone who understands! Unfortunately, it’s the only thing we have in common–our concern for animals–and the cult, of course. Marriage fail.

2011: Go vegan for good at last, realizing and finally facing the cruelty of the dairy industry. My cult status is now secured.

2015: Create an animal advocate blog called Mercy for All Animals. Approximately three people see it regularly. There is suspicion the website is a front for a cult.

2016: Advocating on my FB page for animals causes some to unfriend me, and almost all my relatives and some others to hide me from their news feed. These relatives will no doubt show up at my funeral saying what a good person I was, although they have no interest in anything I post, and I was clearly involved in a cult.


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