Imagine a World…..

dogs in crates dog meat trade

Dogs in crates for the dog meat trade

Queue movie voiceover guy: “Imagine a world…”

Imagine a world that is a place where everywhere you look there are cat and dog parts sold for eating.

In fact, there is relentless advertising everywhere you turn extolling the virtues and delights of feasting on cat and dog ribs, legs, sausages, burgers, and of course the ever important grilling of these animal parts; you know, something that makes a man a real man.

You feel like you’ve stepped into a nightmare that you can’t get out of because although you speak up for the abused and slaughtered cats and dogs, almost no one hears you.

It seems as if so many good people just pretend your words have no meaning or they don’t hear them at all.

If they do hear your pleas for mercy for cats and dogs, they more than likely get angry, defensive, insulting, or just plain cut you out of their lives because you’re telling them something they refuse to acknowledge: eating cats and dogs causes these animals to suffer immensely and to die needless, brutal deaths in slaughterhouses far away from human sight.

You know that these animals are routinely tortured before death on factory farms and that once they arrive at the abattoir they are routinely butchered alive, having limbs cut off while still conscious and aware.

You tell others this but they refuse to hear.

They make excuses: “nature is cruel”, they say, “and we’re just doing what animals do” or “we’ve always eaten meat and it’s normal and necessary” or “it’s a tradition”, etc.

You are considered an oddball, a weirdo, or worse–a dangerous radical with your clearly scary views on having mercy for these creatures.  

You’re unfriended, ostracized, criticized, and accused of being “self-righteous”; after all, who do you think you are to question another person’s morality–and their right to eat cats and dogs? Get over yourself!

A few good souls do hear your words and they do respond positively to the message, but they are rare gems.

And on it continues…the relentless exploitation of these beautiful dogs and cats…you sit down at a restaurant and there are the remains of the animals at the table next to you, and you try to shut out your painful awareness.

You shop at the local supermarket and try to avoid the meat department, but you pass by there and smell death and feel the suffering of innocent cats and dogs who wanted to live but for a taste on the tongue, a momentary pleasure for a human, they were mercilessly killed.

This is the world that vegans live in, because pigs, cows, and chickens are fundamentally no different from cats and dogs, and it’s why we keep speaking and hoping to reach someone, anyone.

Because all animals, just like dogs and cats, deserve a voice and to be free from harm.


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  1. I heard. it got to me. I am now a vegetarian.

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  2. Bless you, Bettie! And here’s hoping you continue on the path to veganism. Thank you for caring. XXXOOO


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