When Someone Reveals How They Truly Feel


FB friend: “I have no problem with you, because you’ve never treated me disrespectfully.”

Me: “I treat others the way I want to be treated, even if we differ significantly.”

FB friend: “I hunt and yet I still sometimes read your blogs.”

Me: “I appreciate that. You know how I feel about taking an animal’s life. I’ve never hidden my disgust with hunting.”

FB friend: “yes, I know.”

Me: “I hope you’ll rethink your views and consider the hunted animals, who are terrified, experience fear and pain, and don’t want to die, just like your pets.”

FB friend: “I do give to animal shelters and do a lot of good for animals.”

Me: “That’s good–please try to see the deer you hunt as really no different from the shelter animals.”

FB friend: “I don’t like that anti-meat crap and vegans should go enjoy their grass and tofu–  you’re all self-righteous– and man has always eaten animals, so just accept it.”

Me: “I guess that means we should not speak on behalf of the animals. But I thought you read my blog once in awhile and respected/thought about my message?”

FB friend: “Your friends were mean to me, and I am so outta here.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that and would never support anyone being nasty or threatening in any way.”

Ex-FB friend unfriends me and no longer responds.

(Interesting that this person didn’t like people being mean to her (understandable), but it’s rather “mean” to track down and kill animals who surely experience that behavior as truly mean.)



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