If We Have Compassion We Must Question What We Were Raised to Believe

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Many of us were raised in the Judeo-Christian religious beliefs that hold animals as being put here for mankind’s use.

There is a different way of viewing the other animals who share our world with us.

If we object to eating the ones we call “pets” and think that people who eat cats and dogs are evil, then we must confront our bias towards the ones we call “food” and question it.

If we can’t see ourselves believing that God placed cats and dogs here for us to eat, then how do we condone eating animals just as sensitive and capable of love?

We cannot.

The truth is, the cow in the slaughterhouse suffers just as much as a cat or dog does when used for food in Asia.

The pig fears greatly and trembles before her killer, just as Fluffy or Max would.

The chicken mercilessly butchered was just as sentient, just as aware, just as deserving of love as our pets.

Ask yourself why you so deeply love your cat or dog or other pet but reserve that love only for them, and leave the others to a life of brutality and a horrible death by merciless hands.

We can make a decision to see all creatures as deserving of our love, our mercy, and our respect rather than simply being placed here for our arbitrary use and cruel exploitation.

We can see them as fellow beings, not unlike our pets or even ourselves, in that they, too, feel pain, feel fear, feel affection, develop bonds and desperately want to live.

If we have compassion, we must question what we were taught. 


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