I Don’t Share Graphic Images (But I Shouldn’t Have to)

I have seen videos and images that will haunt me my entire life, and these realities are all because people demand meat, dairy, fur and entertainment at the expense of animals, who suffer behind closed doors.

Perhaps I should share them, because we all know a picture speaks a thousand words.

I don’t post them on my Facebook page because I don’t want to drive away the “veg-curious” who might be willing to read my blog knowing there will be no graphic images to deal with.

I don’t post them on FB because I myself can’t bear to see animals suffering.

There are people who have instantly gone vegan because of graphic documentaries detailing what exactly is done to animals in the name of food and fur, and I do sometimes think that because of that, I should share them to those who are compassionate but haven’t yet put that compassion for all animals to work.

But when you think about it, good, decent, kind people shouldn’t have to view atrocities to know they’re wrong and to stop funding them.

It should be enough to know that animals are suffering immense abuse–fear, torture, and unspeakably cruel slaughter.

All it should really take is to know that animal suffering is literally in our hands–we can refuse to pay for it or continue to fund it.

We can take a stand or close our eyes.

It’s up to us but the animals can’t wait.

Please don’t look away.woman-with-her-hand-raised-resisting-change


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  1. Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    It’s true – we should not have to share graphic images, but sadly, people are kept in the dark about what goes on and have only the vaguest notion about what animals must endure to become the meat on their plates, and – even sadder – many would prefer that they never knew, so their consciences remain untroubled. This apathy and lack of action are what create evil and violence in this world, however. There are few really evil people but there are a great many ordinary folk who do absolutely nothing about the bad things that their actions could change. This is one of the saddest and most frustrating things about humanity.


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