Deny quote

I’ve never considered myself to be a particularly strong person.

I know myself to be a very sensitive person and a determined person, but strength was not necessarily something I thought I had.

But the truth is that when you go vegan you realize you just might have a little steel in there.

Remember, we (especially ‘convert’) vegans have turned our backs on:
= At least 25,000 years of hunting (See cave paintings, archaeological physical evidence),
= 10,000 years of keeping animal slaves for flesh,dairy and eggs, (Dr Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet)
= however many centuries or millennia of the culture we were born into,
= the (almost certainly) meat, dairy and egg eating ways we learned from our parents and family – including holiday and celebration traditions,
= a probable personal lifetime of meat, dairy and eggs memories and associations,
= the $ USD 800 billion/year (see Wikipedia/Livestock) livestock industry

We likely have friend and family relationship problems from their non-veganism.
Add in sporadic violence against vegans.”  ~Alan McGee


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