“There is No Way to Win an Argument that Hurting Animals is Okay”

Little Girl and lamb make speciesm history

“There is no way to win an argument that hurting animals is okay.”

That’s what I just read on a comment thread about standing up for animals.

It really is simple and true.

How can anyone defend hurting an animal, unless it’s in pure self-defense or the defense of another (which is rarely the case, of course)?

There really is no defense for the indefensible.

How can we torture, confine, attack and brutally kill billions of animals, primarily for food that we don’t require for health, and declare it’s o.k.?

Being cruel to animals, who are vulnerable to our superior brains and weaponry, and killing for no reason, cannot be defended without rationalizations, denial, speciesm, and downright foolish ego and pride.

Living without harming other sentient beings is easier now than ever and perfectly healthy.

There is no way to win an argument that hurting animals is okay.



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  1. I took lessons in shooting as part of a college course, using both guns and bows&arrows. We never ever even thought about shooting an animal. Moreover, when I was taught, later on as a deputy sheriff, to shoot, we that if we had to shoot at a living being, including a human, to aim for an area that would disarm but not kill, if at all possible. I was by the way a sharpshooter… the best “shot” in the classes I took. In all cases, we were taught to value life.

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  2. That’s awesome, Bettie!


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