Pure Love for Animals is Innate


Innocent, pure love is what pretty much all children feel for animals.

But somewhere along the line, that pure love we had as children is conditioned out of us, and denial takes its place.

Remember when as a young girl or boy you delighted in the very sight, touch, and presence of animals, who were fascinating to you?

Remember when all you wanted to do was pet them, hug them, and love them?

Then came the social conditioning that led to indifference.

And then that created the following scenario(s):


“His cries were met with violence. His confusion, with abuse. And his fear, with sheer indifference.

That is, until we exposed the horrors this little dairy calf faced inside a major Australian slaughterhouse where animals were stabbed, beaten and burned…

All through last night and into today, thousands of people have responded to this cruelty with compassion. 17,000 petition signatures have already been collected calling for CCTV in slaughterhouses. Headline news is casting a bright light on some very dark practices. But perhaps most humbling of all, thousands of veg starter kits have been flying out our door as caring Aussies are inspired to take animals off their plates and into their hearts.

All for the animals who we saw suffer behind these slaughterhouse walls.

And for the little brown calf inside that terrifying place, who called and fretted for the protection of his mum as he was thrown onto a kill floor. He is in the hearts and minds of thousands today. With the dedication of our members, we will continue to be there for gentle animals like him, to make the world a kinder place for all animals.

If you want to remember these animals today by being their voice every day, please join us.”

All around the world, wherever you live, there is animal abuse that your dollars support if you’re still eating meat and dairy.
Please refuse to support the unnecessary cruelty and death.
Please go vegan.

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