Yes, We are Angry (and for Good Reason)

cow portrait (face)

Often vegans are accused of being “angry”.

And why wouldn’t we be?

We are defending innocent creatures from being tortured, tormented and brutally slaughtered and yet somehow in this society–and world–we are the ones who are “wrong”.

How can that be?

And there is a vast difference between being just an angry person and a person who is angry at unjust, cruel, barbaric, merciless behavior towards those who can’t defend themselves.

If you saw even one undercover video or even a photo of an animal being mistreated and killed, it would chill you to the bone if you have any feelings whatsoever, and most people do, especially for innocent creatures.

So let me share my Facebook friend “Virtue Phil’s” words (the video of a cow being brutally murdered in a slaughterhouse I’ve spared you, but if you eat meat, you really should at least be willing to see what you pay for, so I will trust that you are willing to do the research).

“Fucking humans treat animals like they are nothing. If you still believe there is such a thing as “humane slaughter” you are sadly mistaken.

“Humane Slaughter” – think about it. Factory farmed animals didn’t even ask to be born! Artificially inseminated so they could be harvested like plants? Imagine if they were humans? Artificially inseminated to be grown and harvested as “food”. Does that picture make any difference?

The only reason people still eat animals today is because their parents had no other reference. The only thing they had to go by was Newspaper ads, radio ads and TV IF they were lucky enough to have a TV! Certainly nobody was promoting veganism on a large scale. There was no Internet. If there were some people who knew better, they had no way of telling people on a large scale, thus, the masses were left to what they saw on TV or read in the newspaper.

Today we know through science and experience that man does not need to be eating animals. If this were true, all the vegans and even vegetarians would be dead by now. In fact this is not the case.

So if its not necessary, it’s simply cruel. Ya you know.. when I started to realise this and quit 17 years ago, I had to go against everything I knew or what I “thought” I knew. I had to go against family, friends, society and still do!

Fuck what people think, what the TV wants you to buy. What restaurants think you should buy. Please watch the video, sign the petitions and do what you feel is right and I’ll give you a hint, this shit is NOT right!” vp/


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  1. Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    In the bible it says we should not kill and we should do justly and love mercy. Why then, do Christians carry on slaying animals and having no mercy for them and continuing to be unjust? To me, Christians are not the same as the rest of Society. They are in possession – so they claim – of the holy spirit of God in their hearts. Until their behaviour begins to shine out as better and more loving than that of the rest of us, I find it all hard to believe. God of Love. Really?


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