Christmas Thoughts

As I decorate for Christmas again this year, like most people I feel the beauty of the season, the message of hope and love, and the excitement of wrapping gifts for loved ones.

I know there is also sorrow at this time of year, and I have felt it myself many times.

Those who have lost dear ones around the holidays find it especially difficult.

I lost my father in December of 2002 and my sister in December of 2014, so I understand that sorrow.

But always at this time of year I feel the special message of peace, of joy and of love.

Though I look at a very broken world and see the division and hatred everywhere, I know I cannot ever give up hope.

My heart longs for a peaceful world where all people can finally lay down their arms and connect as brothers and sisters and where humans can finally include all animals within their circle of mercy and protection.

The spirit of compassion lives, and it is alive and well within each of us if we choose it.

Let’s awaken to a better way of being in this world of sorrow and pain and bring the light of love and tenderness to all living beings, transforming this place into one where our dream of peace comes true.

We can make it so, if we choose.


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