“But Vegans Kill Animals, too”


Many people who want to dismiss or denigrate the message of a cruelty-free lifestyle will find a way to declare that vegans cannot possibly live without causing the deaths of animals.

To some extent, this is true.

Crop farming methods often result in animal deaths and there are many “hidden” animal products in the things that vegans buy and use.

I stumbled upon a comment on a thread by Lisa Maxstadt:

To avoid *all* killing, humans must not exist.

Every human leaves a footprint but vegans leave the smallest possible footprint of all….Crop fields do indeed disrupt the habitats of wild animals, and wild animals are also killed when harvesting plants.

However, this point makes the case for a plant-based diet and not against it, since many more plants are required to produce a measure of animal flesh for food (often as high as 12:1) than are required to produce an equal measure of plants for food (which is obviously 1:1). Because of this, a plant-based diet causes less suffering and death than one that includes animals.

So it actually promotes and supports veganism.

If I run over an animal by accident on the road, I’m a vegan who has caused the death of an innocent animal, albeit not intentionally.

The true issue really is “intention”.

Vegans are imperfect people living in an imperfect world, and we do our best to avoid harming other sentient creatures, but we can’t control everything; it is simply our intention to do the least harm.

The argument that vegans kill animals, too, is often used to dismiss the very real and valuable ethical stand to avoid animal cruelty and slaughter as much as humanly possible.

It’s as illogical as saying, “since all human beings cause deaths, it doesn’t matter if we intentionally run over an animal in the road, what difference does it make? We are responsible for death, anyway, so I don’t care.”

This is clearly a viewpoint that would result in having the person stating it be evaluated psychologically and likely declared sociopathic, or at the very least lacking any ethical or moral stand and considered as a narcissist/anti-social personality.

Most people do not want to intentionally harm or kill other animals, and it’s that intention that seeks to cause the least harm when we have control over the choice that created the vegan movement.


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