The Cost of Animal Advocacy Vs. “Going Along with the Crowd”


censoredI have found that my being willing to put the message out there that we’re told as kids to “be kind to animals” but we do nothing of the sort when it comes to “food” animals has cost me most of my extended family and at least one “best” friend of many years.

But I remind myself that that’s nothing compared to what the animals are put through, and going along with the rest of humanity, saying nothing, advocating for no one, pretending nothing is wrong, is simply not an option.

If most people took the time to educate themselves on what we do to the animals we exploit, I would hope that most would turn away in horror, vowing never to contribute to the cruelty ever again.

However, it’s far easier to shoot the messenger.

If I just put endless posts about myself and what I was doing, where I was going and shared endless photos of whatever I captured on my cell phone on social media, I’d likely have all my relatives join in, liking and commenting.

Instead, I use Facebook and my blog to help open minds and hearts, and though I do so pretty gently, I do so truthfully, exposing the reality of factory farming and slaughterhouse abuses.

It has cost me much, but not nearly as much as the price the animals pay when born into the world solely for man’s use.

As my Facebook friend Gary Loewenthal said today:

In most of society, animals are the one group that everyone is allowed to exploit, murder, and denigrate, and they’re exempt from moral consideration. You can call yourself progressive and spiritual, and deliberately participate in the torture and brutal killing of innocents – and most people see no contradiction in that, possibly because they’re in the same boat. This is why animal advocacy is so difficult.

So advocacy for animals sucks, plain and simple.

But it sure sucks less than being an exploited animal.

So to the friends and family that had to leave–I say, that’s fine. You were not meant to stay in my life. And you can shoot the messenger, but you can’t stop the truth. You can ignore the message, but there are others like me that you might just have to encounter elsewhere.  Maybe you’ll listen to them instead. I hope so, for the sake of the animals suffering.



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