Our Greatest Fear


We are all afraid of being hurt or killed.

In fact, one could argue that by virtue of our physical bodies, we are most afraid of injury and/or death.

We make movies that terrify us and are generally about physical harm being threatened, although of course psychological suffering is also a deep-seated fear.

Yet we thoughtlessly allow the infliction of suffering and death upon other sentient beings, who are terrified of pain and death, just as we are.

We do it because we don’t see that we’re doing it or we numb ourselves to the reality or we make excuses like, “animals don’t feel pain the way we do”,  or “they kill them quickly and humanely”.

First of all, even a so-called “humane” pig farmer admitted to me in his own words: “there is no such thing as humane slaughter.”

Humane slaughter is an oxymoron.

The definition of “humane”?

“Having or showing compassion or benevolence.”

Also: “kind, considerate, understanding, sympathetic.”

Compassion or benevolence doesn’t inspire one to take another’s life against it’s will.

Euthanasia is compassionate when an animal is obviously suffering and there is no hope of recovery, but that is obviously far different.

Animals raised for food, even if not intensely factory-farmed, are usually not at death’s door physically when sent to the house of horrors known as the slaughterhouse.

They are terrified and often taken apart piece by piece while still conscious, despite what people may tell themselves about their “quick and painless death” (there are countless undercover videos that show just how “painless” the process truly is).

There are some sick and lame animals who pass through the doors, but they are beaten and dragged to the killing floor.

Hardly humane.

Why do we humans constantly watch movies and read books that force us to experience the fear and loathing of being tortured and killed and more importantly, why don’t we ever consider that by our choices we inflict this very horror upon innocent and defenseless animals? 

Let’s live by our innate desire to act humanely towards other creatures by going vegan.

Let’s leave the horror show for the movies.




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