Health Troubles and Our Choices


Robert Kluttz gave up a lifelong addiction to chicken and soda to successfully treat diabetes with a plant-based diet

I had just seen a post by a Facebook friend about how he was cancer-free after a battle but now had to go in for a triple bypass due to blocked arteries to his heart.

Of course, I wish him well and was sorry to hear of his physical challenges.

What I thought immediately was: this man could have avoided probably both health troubles or at least one of them by changing his diet, which as far as I know is loaded with the standard American fare: heavy on the meat and dairy, please.

Now, interestingly, I then found that an article in an email newsletter showed up moments later, outlining how a man who changed his diet turned his health completely around.

“After living with a diet focused on chicken and soda, it was no surprise when Robert Kluttz was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, suffered a stroke, and developed blood pressure three times higher than the average.

At the time he owned two Chik-fil-A fast food franchise restaurants and was consuming chicken for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch, almost everyday. After trying a few other remedies Kluttz eventually met Sven Jonsson, MD who introduced him to the idea of an animal- and oil-free diet.

Within nine months Kluttz had stable blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lost weight. “I am 61, but I feel like I am 30,” he said.”

“When I accepted the new way of eating, I got my strength back. I am getting a second chance in life.”

I’m at a loss as to how so many people don’t do more research and won’t consider changing their diets to save their own lives.

Check out the complete article here.


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