We’re so Extreme


Esther the Wonder Pig–a pampered pet

Me: I pity animals who are abused and killed and would like to try to help end their suffering.

Other person: I don’t think you should force your views on me.

Me: I’m not forcing my views, I’m stating them. Do you care about cats and dogs?

Other person: Yes, of course I do, but that’s different.

Me: Are you against the cat and dog meat trade?

Other person: Yes, but that’s different.

Me: How is it different?

Other person: It just is.

Me: In what way?

Other person: Animals we eat are raised for us to eat, but we don’t raise cats and dogs to eat.

Me: In some parts of the world, cats and dogs are raised simply to be eaten.

Other person: That’s wrong.

Me: Why is it wrong?

Other person: Because they’re pets.

Me: They’re not considered pets in some parts of the world in the same way we don’t consider cows, chickens, and pigs as pets here in the Western world.

Other person: It’s still different.

Me: If pigs, chickens and cows also have personalities and are capable of bonding with humans, and feeling fear and pain, and wanting to live, how is it different?

Other person: You vegans are so extreme.

(That sound you hear is me banging my head against the wall). :-0


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