“Be Kind to Animals”

girl and lamb

“Be kind to animals”.

Isn’t this what most of us were taught, or am I thinking more like, some of us, or a scarce few?

I was raised to always consider animals’ feelings and well-being.

I was told that there was never any reason to be unkind to another living creature.

And yes, my parents ate meat and raised me on the “Standard American Diet” (otherwise known as “S.A.D.”) with a little Greek food mixed in and of course filled with animal products.

When I objected as a child to eating animals, knowing even at a tender age this was certainly not “kind” to them, I was punished and sent to my room without dinner.

Were you also raised to “be kind to animals”?

Did you ever wonder why we are told to be kind but shown ways that are anything but?

Conditioning from our parents and society is strong, and my mother and father certainly weren’t cruel people, but they were doing as their own parents had taught them to do and not making the connection to see the underlying hypocrisy.

They also believed that meat and dairy were necessary to health.

We now know that animal products are not only unnecessary for human health, but often the cause of human diseases.

Veganism blows the lid off our assumptions, conditioning and cultural brain-washing and that’s why it’s so threatening to so many.

That’s also why it’s such a large movement, gaining more and more ground each passing day.

To truly be kind, and the only way to actually show compassion to animals, is to do the least harm we can–and that’s simply to become vegan.

Let’s make the urging to “be kind to animals” actually mean something.


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