“You Can’t Make Me Share Your Beliefs”


That statement is true.

No one can force another to share a belief.

None of us like to be told what to think or feel or believe.

I get that completely.

But in the case of veganism, the message is one of promoting a belief that is already inside most of us.

Who among us would say, “I like to see animals suffer and die”.

If that were the case, the person would be labeled a sociopath and vigorously opposed and avoided.

Who would state, “I don’t care about animals and have no feelings about whether they are being treated in cruel ways–I just care about myself.”

Those people wouldn’t exactly be welcomed into our circle of friends or even acquaintances, and if we work with them, we try to keep our distance.

Simply put, most people heartily agree that animal cruelty is wrong.

Most human beings in the western world would never harm a cat or dog and are appalled when they hear of cruelty to these animals.

The innate sense of compassion towards animals is inside most people.

The vegan message is not for hunters (although some actually hear the message and change–rare, but it does happen), nor for people who work in slaughterhouses or on factory farms, or for those people who declare by their actions and words that they don’t give a damn about animal suffering or death.

The message is for the majority of people who would never harm or kill an animal.

The vegan message is one of compassion, mercy and kindness.

Even if the messenger is loud and in-your-face (I do not advocate this way and think it’s generally counter-productive), the message remains the same.

It’s a message that most people already agree with.

It’s a belief that most of us already hold inside.

We aren’t asking others to share our beliefs.

We’re asking others to get in touch with their own.



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  1. Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    I became vegan 4 years ago,when I realised that my core beliefs, my own values, were being compromised and ‘sinned against’ by not being vegan – when I realise that supporting animal farming was agreeing to animal harming. Veganism is for every person who believes themselves to be decent and kind.


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