The Insanity of it All


From my Facebook friend Elaine Treadwell:

“The insanity of it all….the insanity of the atrocities inflicted upon innocent and gentle animals, the insanity that people who consider themselves decent and moral are inflicting the atrocities and the insanity that many of these people think vegans are extreme for trying to stop the insanity.

We have evolved in many ways so why stay stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the most evil, destructive and insane practice in the history of mankind?

It’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their actions and end this insanity by living vegan so we can evolve to a better, kinder, more peaceful world for all.

Isn’t that what every decent, moral and sane person wants?”

I believe that it is what every decent, moral and sane person wants, but the connection between our actions and our beliefs needs to be made. 

I wonder how many people thought of the turkey or the ham on their plates this Thanksgiving and considered the cruelty and death behind the hunk of meat or disemboweled corpse?

How many otherwise good and decent people gave any thought whatsoever to the violence and death committed in their name?

Why is it so difficult to put two and two together?

Social conditioning/”going along with the crowd” is what is the strongest override to mankind’s natural compassion for innocent animals.

We must rise above this conditioning, and the first step is to get honest with ourselves.

Many are doing just that as the vegan movement continues to grow.

Please join us.



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