A Turkey who Hugs and One who Talks

I have to wonder if people are more afraid to watch the lovely videos of sweet and gentle turkeys interacting with humans like dogs or cats would than they are of actually watching the violent, bloody and extremely cruel footage of factory farm, transport and slaughterhouse abuse and killing of these birds.

Either way, it’s a collective turning away and ignoring of the suffering and deaths of these creatures who are no different from our pets in that they have individual personalities, a strong will to live, and the ability to bond with and be affectionate to humans.

If you are one of the millions in the U.S. eating turkey meat for the holiday, then you cannot complain about what some Asian countries do to dogs and cats, because cruelty is cruelty.

If you’re genuinely appalled by the cat and dog meat trade, then don’t you have to ask yourself why you don’t extend your compassion to turkeys, as well?


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