My Friend Speaks with Wisdom and Love

turkey-being-huggedThank you, Dana Gale, for being one of the people who stands up for the most vulnerable in our world.

“You can donate a turkey to a soup kitchen, or serve one up for thanksgiving as a gesture of kindness, but if you really want to change the world, protest the oppression and suffering of innocents upon which Thanksgiving depends. At the very least, find a way to celebrate all that you are thankful for in your life, without depriving someone of theirs. Take a stand that says all creatures have a right to enjoy freedom from an ORCHESTRATED and PREORDAINED life of suffering and slaughter. PEACE STARTS ON YOUR PLATE.

As long as we continue to commodify and objectify non human animals, we cannot complain of racism, sexism, the denial of rights to some, oppression, or war, nor can we expect these Injustices to end. Disconnect is necessary to kill the enemy, to oppress others, to deny others their rights. All we need do is see “others” as someone very different from us, and any atrocity is possible, from slaughtering animals (even those with a nervous system identical to our cats and dogs), to committing an act of genocide against an entire race or religion.

Slaughtering animals so you can enjoy your day requires this disconnect. We say, “they are merely animals, they are raised for this purpose, they wouldn’t have a life at all if it wasn’t for people wanting to eat them” All of these are excuses to participate in something that most of us could not do if we had to do it ourselves , if eating the turkey required more of us than picking up a plastic wrapped carcass, no longer identifiable as the beautiful, sentient being it once was.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE. The turkey had none. Gentle creatures, easily loaded up and sent to slaughter, they represent perhaps some of the most vulnerable in our world, much like the aged, the infirm, the handicapped, the mentally challenged. I see our job to protect these most vulnerable. Clearly, many do not. How lucky we were to be born human–perhaps this thanksgiving that is what we should be MOST thankful for, that we were born a human(especially if you are not only human, but white and wealthy). But, as many of you already know, none of us will be young or strong or healthy forever. One day, each of us may find ourselves vulnerable. What kind of a world do you want to find yourself in then?

Simply by being born human, we have been endowed with an incredible amount of agency. WE can choose what kind of world we want, we can choose what kind of world we are actually creating. and not just at thanksgiving, but EVERY TIME we sit down to eat. With our fork we can decide if we want a world that stands for peace–that is, Peace for all–including all species–or just peace for some, which can never truly exist.”

~Dana Gale


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