A Pig is Someone

pig-save-photoDoes it really need to be said over and over again?

The answer is, yes.

Most people don’t consider the animal behind bacon, because we were all taught not to think about how a sensitive, social, highly intelligent being was raised (mostly in appalling conditions of cruelty and abuse) and slaughtered (against his/her will in the most violent and barbaric ways).

Please think of these creatures, who are no different fundamentally from our beloved pet cats and dogs.

A pig isn’t just what’s left of her remains, she was a living, breathing animal.

She was someone.


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  1. Not to add insult to injury but this http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20161116/pig-parts-fall-off-truck-on-i-75 happened the other day as I heard on my morning show. He had made a comment that, “oh no one wants to hear about that” so he didn’t talk about it but it was posted on his Twitter feed. It is an absolute atrocity and abomination what we do to these animals, one can only imagine the pain and suffering — their final moments. How can a civilized society support this horror and cruelty?! Got compassion?????? Feel free to check my page for veg support: https://awarenesshelps.wordpress.com/veg-support/ also see the Sitemap for more related pages.


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