“You Can’t Fake Steak”

cows comforting each other on a kill line

Two cows comforting one another in the slaughterhouse line

No, you can’t fake steak.

You can’t fake the blood, the gore, the dismemberment, the murder of a sentient being.

You can’t fake the real, live animal that resisted his/her own death as much as you would when faced with a violent end.

You can’t fake the fear in the eyes and the trembling body of the cow or steer who knew death was coming and had no way to escape it.

You can’t fake the stench of carcasses, the bloody entrails, the ugly sight of corpses that were once living, breathing animals who had their lives stolen from them in the horror of the slaughterhouse.

I saw this ad on TV for some restaurant obviously catering to the people who respond to the “anything replacing (or different) from what you know is ‘real’ is not to be trusted” message.

Because we all know that anything that replaces suffering, fear, and death on our plates is not “real” food.

Yeah, you can’t fake steak.

But you can replace it with delicious, healthy food that no animal suffered and died for.


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