Because We Can


Imagine a world in which humans can do anything we please, no matter how sadistic or barbaric, simply because we can.

If you’re stronger, then too bad for those who are weaker, they can be your victims and you can inflict on them any cruelty you desire.

Rape, torture, murder, it’s all o.k. simply because you can overpower your victims.

If you’re smarter, too bad for those who aren’t as gifted intellectually, for they can be forced to do your bidding as you cleverly out-think them and exploit them without their even understanding what’s happening.

This is the world the animals live in who are used and abused by humans for our “pleasure”–for our taste buds, for our vanity, for our entertainment.

Tortured and slaughtered by the billions for food we don’t need for good health, anally electrocuted or skinned alive for fur to show off, beaten and abused in circuses for our amusement, hunted for trophies and “fun”.

Simply because we can.

We can also extend compassion, change our ways and refuse to harm those at our mercy, reject all forms of exploitation and begin to treat all sentient beings with love and respect.


Because we can.



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