Your Help is Needed Now to End the Killing of U.S. Wild Horses and Burros


Every year, more than 150,000 wild horses, wild burros and unwanted domestic horses and burros are trucked off U.S. soil bound for Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses, where machetes to the spine, stun bolts and throat slittings are delivered to all the animals unlucky enough to enter the houses of death, including pregnant mares and foals.

We stopped the killing on U.S. soil, but now just a single committee on Capitol Hill (with strong pro-cattle interests) has found a loophole for the killing of these animals to continue over the border.

(And the horsemeat and donkey meat doesn’t just end up in Europe and Japan, some comes back to America and is mixed in with what is labeled as 100% beef).

In Defense of Animals wrote the following on their facebook page:

“Horse slaughter is especially barbaric because horses, skittish by nature, are extremely difficult to stun. They often endure repeated blows to the head with a bolt gun, or their spinal cord is hacked at with a machete over and over again until they fall down. The horses are sometimes alive and kicking when they are hung up by their back legs while dismembered and skinned. USDA inspectors cited rampant cruelty violations at plants previously operating in the U.S.

This is not how American horses (who have already had everything taken from them by the humans they’ve encountered in their lives) should spend their final moments. Horses are incredibly intuitive and intelligent and they know in the those final hours exactly what is about to happen to them as they are run through long concrete corridors and pushed forward to their deaths in kill boxes at the hands of foreign workers.

They die in terror and agony in these terrible places and we want you to help us to stop this torture and abuse. Join with us in telling Congress to pass the SAFE Act and to stop slaughtering America’s wild horses and donkeys.”

Look up your lawmakers on or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Tweet and post to your network about the cross-border transport of America’s wild horses for brutal slaughter in Mexico and Canada, and about the horsemeat making its way back into our food supply and follow @IDAUSA on Twitter and Facebook for instant updates.

Please visit IDA to help end this cruelty and death by donating whatever you can at


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