Why Not Celebrate with Love Instead of Suffering and Death?


How sweet and touching to see these little girls cuddling and loving a turkey.

In contrast, I just saw a heartbreaking photo of a turkey who had been scalded to death in a defeathering tank in the slaughterhouse.

She lay on the cold cement floor, a bright red, naked and lifeless, her face frozen in a death expression; I can only imagine the fear and pain she went through so that humans can celebrate next week.

Stories, photos and videos abound with tales of suffering and violent death like hers, and yet people insist on having “their” turkey on the table.

That poor bird will end up on someone’s holiday spread and no one will know how she died and how she suffered before her death.

They won’t think about her at all.

Because relentlessly and everywhere you turn ads for turkey and other meats are constantly bombarding all of us and making it all seem “normal, natural and necessary”.

Of course those ads are never filled with the true images of how exactly that animal became a meal.

They aren’t filled with the stories of each individual bird who had a personality and a strong will to live, just like our beloved cats and dogs.

My heart is wrenched with sorrow for the ones who suffer and die behind closed doors.

It’s also filled with dismay that more people, many of whom I know are good and decent humans, will not face the truth behind their holiday dinner.

Please, will you consider leaving turkey off the table this year?

Let’s say “thank you” with compassion this holiday season.




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