How Ads Get us to Override our Natural Compassion

elsie-the-cowAdvertising beats on the drum, over and over and over again until it convinces us that whatever it is that’s being sold is needed and desirable.

The meat and dairy industries are masters at this craft.

The ones who profit off of animal suffering and death know that the name of the game is to constantly bombard people with ads that make them feel that eating animals and animal products is perfectly natural, normal and necessary.

What’s natural is to have compassion for other creatures, which most children display at an early age.

What’s normal is to want to love and be close to other animals.

What’s necessary is the food with which we are made healthy and strong, and no animal product is needed (in fact, animal foods often work against our well-being).

Our natural feelings of mercy, of kindness, of compassion for other creatures is day by day by day beaten out of first the young child, then the teenager; by the time we reach adulthood we no longer feel anything remotely resembling empathy or sympathy for the creatures who died unwillingly and violently for our plates.

We are successfully brainwashed into not thinking of the animals at all.

That’s why I keep putting messages out on our disconnect, on our horrendous treatment of animals, on the hidden cruelty against some of the most innocent and defenseless among us.

I know that I can never remotely approach the constant messages that advertise animal products on TV, on billboards, on the radio, on the internet, everywhere, every minute of every day.

But I can do my part to remind others that their natural feelings of empathy for other creatures are still there and I can speak to their hearts in a way that Madison Avenue can never do.

I can appeal to that which is in the human who swerves to avoid hitting an animal on the road, the person who boycotts veal, the guy who refuses to hunt, the woman who won’t wear fur.

That’s where the best part of humanity resides: in the heart.

That’s where the message of veganism hits home.

That’s why more and more people are responding to the message: because you can keep the ugly truth hidden for just so long, you can convince people’s minds that killing and eating animals is no big deal, but you can never make the heart believe that cruelty and slaughter is o.k.

Because in the heart resides love and compassion.


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