A Simple Question

It’s the question I asked myself a long time ago and the same one that many people have asked and are currently asking themselves: why and how do we love one animal and completely disregard the other?

Let me borrow from an article written by Matthew Scully, whose words ring true, because they are:

“If you were caught even once inflicting on a dog the punishments that are directed daily at factory-farmed pigs, you would be arrested and answer for that offense in a court of law; in many jurisdictions, the offense would carry a serious possibility of prison time.

Dogs and pigs are entirely similar creatures, equals in every relevant way including their intelligence, emotional capacities, variations in personality, and experience of pain. Yet the one is protected from human wrongdoing and the other you may lawfully and profitably treat like garbage, with no regard whatever for that creature’s suffering or dignity.

Comparable cruelty toward comparable animals makes you in the one case just another farmer and in the other case just another felon, as Michael Vick can attest.”

Most people don’t think about the obvious double standard we apply to farm animals, as if they are somehow magically without the ability to suffer because they were born into a system of brutal exploitation.

It’s time we faced this disconnect and acted with the mercy we have within us by truly asking that question.




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  1. Having grown up on a dairy farm where my youthful duties included feeding the pigs, feeding the chickens and gathering eggs, going to “bring in” and milk the cows, feeding and petting the dogs and cats, feeding the pigeons and other birds, and where these were my only “friends” from the time I was age 4:

    One particular hen was separated from the other chickens who picked on her. She lived in a cage and I fed her and took care of her, and she became a special friend. One Sunday we had chicken for dinner. Later I learned the my friend had been our meal. I threw up.

    I became a full fledged vegetarian. I did drink milk and I churned the butter … because I “had to” … but I don’t now. Today I have a half acre, one cat, and feed the squirrels and birds who come to my doorstep for their treats. I do crochet .. I do have a coat and a cape. (It gets very cold here in NJ in the winter.)

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  2. Oh, Bettie, your story is so touching! I’m sorry you had to experience the death of your chicken friend. How heartbreaking! I’m in NJ, too, by the way–it does get a bit chilly in the winter, for sure. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂


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