The Connection


Rarely do most think of the connection between violence towards animals who are not threatening us in any way, and the continued use of violence in our interactions with one another, but as the brilliant Leo Tolstoy knew, there is a definite correlation.

As long as mankind excuses, justifies and normalizes the violent brutality shown to other animals, he will continue to excuse, justify and normalize violence towards other humans.

For how can man be violently unmerciful towards other creatures who share the same emotions of fear, joy and love of life as we do and not have that disconnect effect him in his dealings with other humans?

Until we begin to decry violence of any kind, we are no more than uncivilized barbarians, no matter how technologically advanced we are.





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  1. yes. always yes to what you have to say. stealing your banner.

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  2. Thanks, Dana! Steal away! 😉


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