Humans and the Need to Feel at the “Top of the Food Chain”


“Out of 5,416 species of mammals, only approximately 270 of them are carnivorous. That’s five percent. FIVE PERCENT. Yet for some reason, humans can’t stop comparing themselves to this very small minority as some justification to wreck the planet and commit mass violence.” ~Christopher Sebastian

I find it endlessly interesting that the quote above from a brilliant Facebook friend is so on the mark, and I can only conclude that humans are driven on some deep level by fear, so the need to align ourselves with those we consider “strong” is what creates this comparison.

Of course, we somehow miss the obvious: bulls, elephants, hippos, etc., are not predatory, and yet they are among the strongest animals on the planet.

Our history abounds with tales of conquest–brutal behavior towards our fellow humans to acquire land and sometimes slaves, predatory behavior that seeks victims– and in the deep (and not so deep) recesses of the brain, this urge still seems to be at play.

What puzzles me is that many normal, ordinary humans often are decent enough–friendly, fair and helpful.

But I find that when it comes to talking veganism, there is this reluctance to give up being “at the top of the food chain” (tell that Great White Shark that’s where humans are and if he could he’d laugh out loud).

Are we that insecure that we constantly need to dominate, subjugate, torture and kill other creatures to make ourselves feel powerful?

When will humanity wake up and realize that the most powerful people are those with wisdom, restraint and compassion?

How long before we begin to understand that we have the capacity to actually live as a truly strong species–strong in mind and spirit, secure, kind and wise?

The vegan path offers us that life.


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