An Industry That Needs to Prevent Empathy

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Just about every human being has–or is capable of–empathy.

Those humans who are without empathy–who can’t feel mercy or compassion–are defined separately from the rest of humanity.

We call them sociopaths.

In fact, they are probably more accurately described as psychopaths.*

But the meat and dairy industries are masters at getting people to override their natural impulse to want to avoid harm to other feeling, thinking creatures.

These industries pour billions of dollars into advertising that promotes the consumption of animal products and makes it all seem harmless and normal, making sure to not show what really goes on behind closed factory farm and slaughterhouse doors.

Whenever I see a commercial that promotes meat and dairy, I think to myself: can you imagine if they showed images of suffering and dying animals?

Oops–there goes the business.

If every human who walked the earth was a Charles Manson or a Ted Bundy, there would be no reason to try to make eating animals seem like no problem.

But most humans are obviously not psychos, sociopaths or unfeeling monsters. They are not evil. They’re kind to their friends and family, they’re kind to their pets. They would never torture or kill an animal themselves.

An article (published on October 13, 1016) titled Study: Marketing “Protects” Meat-Eaters From Empathy, explored the psychological dissociation people experience between meat as food products and the animals they come from and found that people must mentally detach themselves from animals in order to eat them.

It seems obvious enough, but the article presents research results conducted in the U.S. and Norway that represent the first time scientists have empirically proven the long-standing “dissociation hypothesis”, which has been long argued by animal-rights activists who claim meat-eaters must possess a certain level of psychological detachment from an animal in order to consume it.

What the vegan movement attempts to do is to ask people to face that detachment and question what they’re supporting.

Although the message is hard for most to swallow, humans are capable of looking at the hard stuff and making changes, as evidenced by the growth of veganism.

Will you live true to your deepest feelings, your convictions, your desire to do no harm to innocent animals?

Or will you allow yourself to do as the industries that make billions off of animal suffering and death want you to do–mentally and emotionally detach and thereby betray your empathetic nature?

The choice is yours.

*A word about psychopathy.

Psychopathy has been described as “the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders because of the way psychopaths dissociate emotionally from their actions, regardless of how terrible those actions may be” according to Scott A. Bonn, Ph. D., a professor of criminology at Drew University.

When we buy animal products, we obviously don’t directly torture and kill the victims, but we are just as guilty as the hit man we hire and we have to use the same technique of dissociation as the psychopath does–shouldn’t this cause us to recoil in horror and change our ways as quickly as possible?


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