Thoughts on this Honest Video

“Veganism is not religion” is just one of the things this young activist mentions that is quite true, although I’m sure many people equate animal advocacy to religious fervor.

Religion is based on “belief” and that belief is not based on hard, cold facts.

I myself am a very spiritually-oriented person but I know my faith in God cannot be proven.

Animal cruelty and exploitation is real and proven, as anyone researching the subject knows.

Veganism is based on rejecting the hard, cold facts of animal exploitation and simply embracing the values that most people already hold dear: that of causing no harm to innocent animals when it’s unnecessary to do so.

The woman expresses her frustration with her non-vegan friends and family, and I can relate to that to a great deal but not entirely, since I don’t stand outside slaughterhouses for hours as she does, helpless to save the animals from suffering and death, and then have to carry that extreme burden with me afterwards.

Still, it’s quite difficult to be surrounded by those you love who just do not seem interested in opening their minds and hearts to the message.

The ones who do open their minds and hearts I count as true friends and family, for they are willing to try to understand what it is that compels me to speak so frequently and so urgently on the matter of animal exploitation.

The others in my life who aren’t the least bit interested in reading my blogs or truly trying to understand the message of veganism are becoming more and more distant from me, and perhaps this is for the good, because in the end those closest to us are willing to try at least to understand the most important views we hold. Isn’t this true friendship and emotional/intellectual intimacy?

If a friend or family member feels very deeply about a subject I owe it to them and to the friendship to investigate why, and I think and hope I do that.

Patience is much needed in this fight for the animals because often good people need more time than we’d like them to to begin their journey towards a cruelty-free lifestyle.

This activist is very young, obviously, so what she deals with, as difficult as it is, is in some ways easier than what us older advocates have dealt with since we’ve had many long years of having to “numb” ourselves to the surrounding culture of exploitation, and we didn’t have a true animal advocate movement many years ago to help us feel supported and optimistic.

If she sounds a bit intense, understand that this is a very intense subject, and feeling the suffering of animals is a hard thing to bear and can make anyone angry and disgusted with the world in general.

If I could have chosen to not have to walk this path, I would have, but I simply didn’t have a choice, because it chose me.

On that, I surmise, both us older advocates and our younger counterparts have had the same experience.



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