Just When I Think I Can’t be Shocked by Anything Anymore: the Live Turkey Drop


First I see a photo of someone with a dead turkey in a pan with bacon wrapped around the carcass for a Canadian Thanksgiving, which is why I need to remind myself to get off the Facebook newsfeed!

The gag reflex almost got me.

Then I read that people actually toss turkeys out of planes, and I’m not referring to the infamous WKRP episode.

In Yellville, Arkansas their tradition is to drop live turkeys from 500 feet in the air at the town’s annual “Turkey Trot” fall festival.

They defend the practice by saying “wild turkeys can fly” and some of them can (but it’s not clear if the turkeys are in fact wild).

On Friday, six turkeys were thrown from the plane, but one died on impact, while five were able to use their wings to avoid death, Arkansas Online reports.

Spectators caught two of the surviving turkeys. One turkey-catcher told the news outlet his family will eat the bird, while another said he didn’t know what he’d do with the turkey because he hadn’t “thought that far ahead.”

But even though some of the turkeys are able to survive the drop, the experience itself is terrifying, poultry science professor Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton told Arkansas Online.

“Placing turkeys in an environment that is new to them is stressful,” she said. “In the case of an airplane, the noise would also be a stress-producing fear reaction. Dropping one from 500 feet is a horrific act of abuse.”

What, exactly, is wrong with human beings?

Why are we such assholes?

When will we treat other creatures with some mercy and respect?



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  1. Bethany Chester

    What a sickening ‘tradition’


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