Is That Truly a Good Reason?

cow and baby

I hear people say things like “mouth-watering”, “soooo tasty”, “juicy and delicious”, etc. about the animal flesh dishes they love so much.

I, too, grew up eating animals and loved the taste and texture.

But what is it about so many good and decent humans that causes them to disregard animal suffering?

They would never, ever harm an animal and would be horrified at the thought of animal cruelty.

They wouldn’t visit a slaughterhouse and be happy to watch the animals being violently robbed of their lives against their wills.

They are loving, wonderful people.

But they spare themselves the sight, the smells, the cries, the gore of the killing floor.

They go right on announcing how delicious meat is, and they fail to recognize that not only has an animal suffered and died for that taste on the tongue, he/she didn’t have to.

This may sound harsh, but nevertheless it’s true: when people demand their “right” to eat meat, they are really saying, “My taste buds are more important than the animal’s right to be free from harm” and “I put my habit, tradition, and desires above cruelty and death to other sentient beings.”

Sorry, but this is exactly what I personally had to face before I went vegetarian and then vegan, and it’s simply the awful truth.

We don’t need meat to be healthy.

And I can say from personal experience and the experiences of others that you don’t give up taste, texture or satisfaction when you eat a non-meat meal.

The only thing you give up is causing harm to other sentient creatures.

There is simply no good reason to eat animals.

If you’re a good person, you know that deep down inside, and that’s why so many good people are making the change to veganism.


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  1. Reblogged this on iliketowritewhatithink and commented:
    In my nearly 4 years of being vegan I have not heard a single good argument against it. The ‘taste’ one is the most pathetic and selfish of all.

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