Are You Brave Enough?

Father and Son

What world will we help to leave the next generation?

There are many days that we all feel hopeless and throw our hands up at the broken world we live in.

I utter “beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here” at least once a day. 😀

But the truth is that in my heart I know it’s of no use whatsoever to give up and to give in to cynicism, though it’s hard not to do.

No, I believe that if we are called to stand for truth, love and justice, then we had better put our hearts and minds to the task, and to soldier on in whatever way we can to bring light to a dark world.

This blog was inspired by a Facebook friend who posted these words:

In a world of cynics and misanthropes, where every imagination of the future in popular fiction is that of dystopia- are you bold enough to imagine a brighter world? And are you brave enough to fight for it?

~Chris Palmieri

P.S. John Lennon’s birthday is tomorrow, October 9th. I believe if he was here with us, he’d still be fighting for a better world. 🙂


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