Welcome to the Twilight Zone

cat-and-dogTake a moment to envision a scenario in which you are verbally attacked –or at the very least, ignored– for speaking the truth about the terrible abuse and cruelty you know about in dog and cat factory farms and slaughterhouses.

You are living in the West and it was decided– in this alternate reality– that it was perfectly o.k. to treat cats and dogs in the most horrendous ways.

Here, pigs and chickens are considered pets, worthy of protection and care.

But cats and dogs?

Only a sentimental fool or radical extremist would care about these animals, who are merely here to satisfy our desires and our wants (not our actual needs) for “delicious” meats.

You see no difference in any of the animals as far as the ability to suffer, to want to live, and to be affectionate.

When you try to defend the cats or dogs, you’re met with derision, ridicule, hostility and “mmmm…dog bacon”.

There are times you want to scream, to sob, to awaken from this nightmare.

All around you are images of meats from dogs and cats being advertised as tasty and irresistible.

You can’t escape the bombardment of ads that effectively force you to look at pieces of the corpses of the beloved animals you deeply care about.

All you can see is the poor animal behind the remains who wanted desperately to live.

Welcome to the vegan Twilight Zone.


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