Artist Channels Her Grief: “I Am So Sorry, Dear Little Ones”


The artist displaying her love for the victims

I wonder how many people outside of the animal activist world heard about the horrible event that happened recently in Canada.

The short story is that pigs who were being sent to slaughter were in a truck accident and even though many people offered to rescue the injured animals, the cruel slaughterhouse workers refused to allow anyone to help the animals and instead executed them on the spot in front of animal activists.

The full story is at

An artist channeled her sorrow about the event in her beautiful painting above and with her words here:

“I feel so far away and helpless … when I think about those 160 poor pigs who where killed after being trapped in that truck in Burlington Canada today. Painting that guy is my way to say ” I am so sorry dear little ones, I saw you, i love you”. Thank you Anita for all your courage and love. I am with you, always.

~Chantal Poulin Durocher

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  1. She is an amazing artist with elite talent; her work is nothing short of intrigue and wonder.

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  2. Thank you for reblogging this post, veg4life! XXXOOO

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