Tales from the Farm

My facebook friend, Bettie Witherspoon, shared with me her own personal story of the pain she endured when her animal friends on the farm she was raised on were betrayed in the most severe way.

Although I didn’t grow up on a farm, my father did, and I know that whatever she faced he likely did, too, and despite his tough Air Force Veteran exterior, he had a soft heart particularly for the suffering and killing of innocent animals–animals so completely at our mercy.

Bettie is a Christian woman who clearly feels the love and mercy of God in her heart.

“I grew up on a farm. I witnessed my uncle killing a pig. I saw my pet chicken fluttering around without her head after it was chopped off. She had been penned up in a small little box like pen after being injured. And that is when I became her best friend, feeding and trying to comfort her.

I saw a bull clawing at the dirt and bellowing sadly after being chained for days and days to a pole.

I want to throw up at the very thought of eating anything that was once alive. I will not wear leather. I will not wear fur. I put out food every day in my suburban yard for birds and squirrels and any other creatures who are hungry.”

~Bettie Witherspoon

Thank you to Bettie for sharing her heartbreaking story.

When will we collectively look upon the unnecessary killing of God’s creatures as the cruel and barbaric–and yes, selfish–act that it is?

How is it that we have for so long failed as a culture, a society, a world in general to give even the smallest of our thoughts and compassion to so many billions of animals who are no different in their ability to love– and to suffer– as our beloved pets?

Veganism is a growing movement, and it’s growing each and every day that someone watches a film or reads a book or sees a video on the internet–but it needs all of us to get on board so that the brutal exploitation of other creatures will be a thing of the past at last–and it can’t come soon enough.

Special mention to a dear friend of mine who heard the message of mercy and is now joining the beautiful movement that asks us to simply “do unto others”. 🙂



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