In the Words of a Compassionate Heart


This blog was entirely inspired by my friend Dana who posted the photo above and words below from Danielle Legg:

“I took this photo in 2011 while bearing witness with @torontopigsave. What you see are 5 pigs in one frame. Five packed babies headed to slaughter (they’re killed at 4-6 mos. Fact, not opinion).

Five lives. 10 ears that didn’t even know what “I’m sorry” meant, but they heard me say it over and over again. 10 eyes that weren’t sure if I could be trusted. 5 curious noses that didn’t seem to care. 5 hearts that never lost hope because they didn’t even know they could have it. 5 individuals that could have known their names, and would have come running when you called… only they never got that chance because, mmmm bacon…

It’s okay to care. It’s okay to bear witness. It’s okay to cry and lose your shit. These five faces differ from the dog at your feet in only a couple of ways; their hair is different, and they’re a bit smarter. It’s okay to say no to bacon. It’s okay to stop making jokes at their expense. It’s okay to care.”

@torontopigsave ❤️ #torontopigsave #bearwitness #animallover #vegansofig #pigsofinstagram #itsokaytocare #speakup #standup #tryvegan


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